General terms and conditions of use of the site, the mobile application and the atHome Services ("T&Cs"):

1. Definitions

"Private advertiser": any natural person, of legal age and legally capable of entering into contracts under Luxembourgish law, acting exclusively for private and non-professional purposes, holder of a Customer Account. Any individual Advertiser must necessarily have a Customer Account in order to display and manage its ads.

"Professional advertiser" means any natural or legal person, whether public or private, who acts, including through another person acting in his name or on his behalf, for purposes falling within the scope of his commercial, industrial, craft or liberal activity. In order to display and manage their ads, all Professional Advertisers must necessarily have a Professional Customer Account and comply with the T&Cs applicable to them, accessible from their "PRO Area".

"Customer Account": the personal account of the Advertiser, individual or professional, created via and accessible from the site or mobile application, allowing the purchase or use of certain Services and the management of its products and advertisements.

"atHome": refers to the company atHome Group S.À.R.L., which operates through the mobile applications and the website, and its subsidiaries, employees or representatives.

"Services": the publication or display on atHome Materials of content and the use of interfaces that enable the management of content.

"Medium": the website accessible at the address and/or any other address determined and duly communicated by atHome, as well as the mobile applications, on which information relating to the Services is made available and through which certain Services can be purchased, as well as atHome's servers.

"User": any person benefiting from the Services offered by atHome from the website or mobile application.

2. Purpose and acceptance of the T&Cs

The purpose of these T&Cs is to define the terms and conditions of use of atHome Supports by any User.

Access, use and consultation of the website and the mobile application are subject to the unreserved knowledge and acceptance of these T&Cs and any other specific conditions and/or associated form. The User also acknowledges having read the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy.

atHome reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of use of the website and the mobile application.

The subscription by an advertiser to atHome's Services is subject to acceptance of the applicable General Terms and Conditions of Sale ("GTCS"):

- For Private Advertisers: General Terms and Conditions of Sale;

- For Professional Advertisers: the T&Cs are accessible from the "PRO Area" of the Professional Advertiser.

3. Access to the Services offered by atHome

Consultation of the website and the mobile application is free of charge for Users. The use of the services is not subject to any warranty on the part of atHome. By using the services of the Site and Mobile Application, you agree to these terms, conditions and disclaimers. Users declare that they are aware of the risks associated with the technical specificities of the Internet network. atHome cannot therefore guarantee either the confidentiality of exchanges or the possible interception of information exchanged via the site.

The website and mobile application contain links to other websites. atHome has no control over the content and practices of these sites and is not responsible for their content. The presence of these links does not imply endorsement by atHome of the information contained on these sites. As a result, atHome cannot be held responsible for any dispute arising between a site referenced on site or the mobile application and a User.

atHome cannot be held responsible for information obtained either directly or indirectly from website or the mobile application, nor for the information, quotes and prices requested and obtained through or the mobile application. atHome cannot be held responsible for any commercial relationship between the User andF a supplier present on the site or the mobile application. The information, products and services included on the Site and Mobile Application may contain commercial or technical inaccuracies. The User remains solely responsible for the commitments he undertakes. atHome does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or completeness of any information obtained directly or indirectly on/through the Site or Mobile Application and therefore cannot be held responsible for the information, products and services present on the Site and App. The purpose of the calculators is only to give an idea of the different values calculated. The results obtained can in no way be considered certain. The price statistics displayed are only intended to give an idea of the prices observed on the real estate market. The values displayed can in no way be taken as certain.

It is the User's responsibility to use the information contained on the atHome.lusite and application with caution and to carry out any necessary verification before entering into any commitments. As such, the User can read atHome's Cybercrime Advice.

atHome cannot be held liable for any infringements committed by third parties, by suppliers or by Users through the website or the mobile application.

atHome endeavours to keep the site accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day whenever possible, but may interrupt access for maintenance, updating, development or any other reason. atHome cannot be held responsible for these temporary interruptions and the consequences that may result from them for the User or any third party. atHome cannot be held liable for any temporary inaccessibility due to events beyond its control (viruses, hacking, etc.), nor for any direct or indirect damage resulting therefrom, in particular damage resulting from loss of data or loss of profits resulting from the use or non-accessibility of the site.

All elements and texts of and the mobile application are protected by copyright. No person is authorized to copy, modify, reproduce, distribute or publish any information on and mobile application without the prior written consent of atHome.

4. Usage Policy

This user policy is applicable and compliance with is mandatory for the use of atHome's Supports and Services.

atHome's Services and Materials may only be used for the purposes for which they were designed and not for any other purpose, including, but not limited to, the unacceptable uses listed below.

The services or products offered by advertisers on the platforms, through advertising formats, may not directly or indirectly compete with the products or services offered by any of the brands of atHome Group S.A.R.L.

The Services must be used responsibly, taking into account the effects that the use of the Services may have on other Users of the Services and Materials.

It is the responsibility of each individual Advertiser to:

- Publish only properties that are currently available for purchase or rent;

- Transfer only real estate to atHome's Supports, either directly or through a third-party provider who has agreed to comply with our Terms and Conditions for the transfer of real estate to our Supports;

- Within 72 hours of the sale or final rental of a property, ensure that it is marked as "sold/rented" or removed from the property list (by deletion or archiving). atHome is entitled to remove the advertisement from any property that does not comply with this policy.

- Ensure that materials produced through the use of the Service do not contain illegal information and are not used for this purpose, including information that is defamatory, deceptive, misleading, that would infringe copyrights or that could expose atHome to any liability or sanction;

- Comply with all applicable laws, including but not limited to commercial law, customary competition rules and any other advertising standards and regulations in its use of the Service; techniques that allow for hacking or phishing of data on the Media are obviously prohibited;

- Ensure that:

• The information published through the Service relates only to the detailed description of a particular property;

• Property information published through the Service is published only once;

• Their username and/or password required to log in to the Customer Account are kept, under their sole responsibility, secure at all times and disclosed only to persons authorized to contract and incur expenses on their behalf;

- Not to make any endorsement or written reference to atHome or its Materials without its express written permission.

Unacceptable Uses (for Real Estate Listings and Visibility Services):

It is not acceptable to use the Services to engage in any of the following practices, or to permit anyone to engage in the following practices while using the Services:

- Posting non-real estate listings: Advertising something other than real estate for sale or rent. For example: cars, boats, caravans and mobile homes are not allowed on the Supports.

- Business Advertising: Using the Service to advertise a business rather than real estate for sale or rent is not permitted. Each listing must be a bona fide description of a property for sale or rent.

- Misclassification of goods for sale: Only goods available for sale should be entered in the sales headings. The publication of real estate advertisements must be made in accordance with the categories defined on the Supports.

- Misclassification of rental properties: Only properties available for rent should be listed under residential rentals.

- Commercial and business real estate listings: If a property incorporates both commercial and residential space, it is not acceptable to publish the commercial part as the main component of the advertisement. However, it is acceptable to publish the residential portion of the building on the site and refer to the commercial component of the property.

- Hijacking descriptive fields: Posting information, descriptions, or images in fields other than those intended for this purpose is not acceptable. Information, description or image fields should only be used to insert the information for which they are intended. For example: inserting a company logo as an image in an ad is not acceptable. For copyright purposes, small watermarks on images are allowed, but only in one corner of the image. Overprinting text to images is not allowed.

- Incorrect photos, images or content: The posting of a drawing or other image that is not a photograph of the property offered for sale or rent is not permitted, nor is the posting of photos of property other than the property offered for sale or rent. "No image available" or other drawings are not acceptable. Likewise, it is forbidden to post illegal content that is contrary to the principle of loyalty, decency, human dignity, public order or morality.

- False street or place names: The indication of street or place names that are inaccurate is prohibited.

- Duplicate property listings: Creating more than one listing for the same property in the same property category is prohibited. For example: publishing the same property, but with two different prices is not acceptable. A list of multiple units at the same address is not considered a duplicate.

- Listing refresh: Removing a property and reposting it to appear as a new listing is prohibited.

- Advertisement without a warrant: It is forbidden to publish advertisements for real estate for which the Advertiser has not been authorized to offer it for sale or rent.

- Deceptive or deceptive conduct: Using the Service in a manner likely to mislead the public and Users of atHome's Materials is not permitted.

- Other inappropriate uses:

• Use of the Service for any information that is illegal, illicit, malicious or with the intention of harming others or atHome Group S.À.R.L. For example: it is not acceptable to post information that may, among other things: be defamatory or discredit a person or company; be private, personal or confidential; be considered obscene, offensive, violent or threatening; infringe the intellectual property rights of others; violate any laws, regulations or standards.

• To frequently issue (i) manifestly unfounded notifications via the mechanism for the notification of illegal content ("Notification") set up on the Supports (see point 6.), or (ii) manifestly unfounded complaints against moderation decisions (see point 7.).

5. Possible Restrictions on Content Provided by the Individual Advertiser

In the event that the Individual Advertiser fails to comply with the regulations in force and/or its contractual commitments (in particular the terms and conditions), atHome reserves the right to delete the information and/or advertisements concerned, to suspend the service provided, to charge it a penalty, or to take any action that the law allows.

The same restrictions may be imposed on any particular Advertiser in the event that atHome Group S.à r.l., in its capacity as a hosting service, receives a notification of manifestly illegal content.

6. Mechanism for notifying content considered illegal

In order to ensure a safe online environment for everyone, atHome provides any individual or entity with a feature to report all or part of content that would be considered manifestly illegal (available in the "DSA" tab). The visitor undertakes not to abuse this feature. Otherwise, atHome reserves the right to temporarily suspend relevant activities regarding the person engaging in any of these abusive behaviors.

7. Moderation of content displayed on atHome

The process of verifying the content displayed on the site and on the mobile application is carried out in the following way (content moderation):

- The first verification of the Content displayed by the particular Advertiser is carried out by an automatic algorithm;

- Content that hasn't been approved is redirected to the moderation team, where the content is reviewed again. The team is responsible for deciding whether or not the content can be displayed on

- After content has been posted on, it may still be subject to moderation, such as internal reviews, third-party reporting, or a Notification.

Complaint against a moderation decision ("Complaint"):

If atHome takes a moderation decision against the content broadcast on its Media, and where technically possible, the Individual Advertiser will be notified of this decision electronically. In the event of disagreement, the Individual Advertiser may lodge a dispute within 6 months of the moderation decision.

Once the Complaint has been duly substantiated and submitted by the Advertiser, the moderation team will review the content again and inform the individual of the outcome of the review.

8. Operation of the Site and Display of Content

Content is displayed on Default Media in the following order of precedence (Sorted by "Relevance"):

- Depending on the publication format subscribed: content published by Individual Advertisers benefiting from a certain type of publication format is given a display priority, depending on the options enabled and the degree of promotion granted by each publication format (for example, in the case of atHome exclusivity);

- Depending on the quality of the content published;

- If the content quality is the same: The content is sorted and displayed according to the publication date, from the most recent to the oldest.

The visitor to the Materials may be recommended content that may be of interest to him/her, based on the content recently viewed and/or on the basis of other content viewed by other visitors to the site with similar search criteria to his/her own.

When searched by the visitor, the content is displayed in the order of priority set out above. The visitor then has the possibility to customize their search and sort the results according to the following main criteria:

- Price of the property: the most expensive or the cheapest first;

- Publication date: newest or oldest first;

- Area of the property: increasing or decreasing area;

- Relevance.

9. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The T&Cs are governed by Luxembourg law. Any dispute relating to the use of and the mobile application is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Luxembourg.

If any of the terms of the T&Cs, for any reason, are held to be invalid, the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms shall not be affected.