2 simple ways to sell your property

Selling can be a stressful journey, atHome supports you whether you are selling on your own or with an agent.

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Publish your property on atHome.lu in no time! Reach the largest real estate audience in Luxembourg and in the Greater Region to sell or rent out your property.

List your property

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Sell with an agency

Get a detailed analysis of your property and sell it at the best price. The real estate agents in your zone will have the insight to offer you an accurate asking price.

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Property valuation 100% free

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Get an estimation for free and without commitment! Give us some details about the property you would like to estimate, so we can provide you with an online valuation. Afterwards the real estate agents expert in your zone will help you verify the price of your property for free.

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Pick amongst more than 600 agents in Luxembourg!

Compare real estate agencies of your area and enquire property appraisals for your sale or your rentals.

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Renovating before selling?

Now that you have decided to sell your house or apartment, a question comes up: is renovating a good or bad idea? There are many arguments in favor of renovation, such as reassuring future buyers and ensuring the sale by insulating and sanitizing your house, for example. However, beware of the investment, because the price can be high: you must find the right balance between renovating and simple home-staging.

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Tools to help you sell or lease out your property

Check real estate market trends in your area

The best overview of the market trends based on the largest database of properties in Luxembourg

  • Trends and Growth
  • Sales and rentals
  • Prices per region and district
  • Average prices per m²
  • Prices per location
  • Search volumes
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Our best tips for your real estate project

You wish to sell quickly? Here our best tips to get prepared before selling your property. It’s always better to read first.